Hawaii's Group Tour Specialist

Hawaii Group Tour Specialist

Who We Are

EMIHawaii is a full-service, receptive tour operator based in Hawaii. EMIHawaii services all the islands, covering everything from Traditional Lei Greetings to Professional Local Tour Directors. We specialize in student and adult group travelers visiting our island paradise.

What We Do

We work with the natural beauty, history and culture of Hawaii to make dreams come true for our guests. We realize that, for most of our guests, a trip to Hawaii is an experience many will have only once in a life time. Hence, we feel it is our responsibility to provide superior service and unforgettable experiences by having fun and sharing the Aloha Spirit. More Hawaii Group Tours Available

Why EMIHawaii

We make Hawaii effortless for you. Our clients know all they have to do is put our proposal in their format, mark it up and collect the payments. We do the rest by taking care of every detail. You don't even need to send a tour escort with your group, but if you do, they will likely return with a suntan to a lot of jealous co-workers!

Just look at what Mark Harting of Music Travel Consultants said after his first trip: "From one Tour Operator to another - outstanding Work!"

Our Goal

Is to be our clients' (tour operators') office in Hawaii and to build strong, long-term relationships by providing superior service at a competitive price. We do not and will not compete with our clients by directly marketing to schools, clubs or any independent travel organization.

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15th Anniversary

" Just wanted to take a minute and say once again "thank you" for helping make our trip to Honolulu fabulous! "

Beth Taylor

" From one tour operator to another - outstanding work! "

Mark Harting

" The best comment I heard during the trip came from one of my percussionists He came over to me and said Mr Ames this is the… "

Bryan Ames

" Thank you again for the education and for the time of our lives! "

Ann Huff

" An Unforgetable Trip! Easily the best I've ever taken. "

Eric Dasher