About EMI, Entertainment Marketing International

Mission Statement

To work with the natural beauty, history and culture of Hawaii making dreams come true for your guests. We realize for most of your guests a trip to Hawaii is an experience many will have only once in life time. Hence we feel it is our responsibility to provide superior service and unforgettable experiences by having fun and sharing the Aloha Spirit.

Our Goal

Is to be our clients' (tour operators') office in Hawaii and to build strong, long-term relationships by providing superior service at a competitive price. We do not and will not compete with our clients by directly marketing to schools, clubs or any independent travel organization.

Company Profile

Entertainment Marketing International, LLC was founded July 25, 2002 specializing in receptive services exclusively for tour operators' visiting student and adult traveling groups to the Hawaiian Islands.


Being in the industry as a tour director for more than a few years now, David Adkins, founder of EMI, knows how important it is to have quality travel professionals. Our Tour Directors are seasoned professionals with years of experience in providing outstanding personalized service with an extensive knowledge of the Islands.

If you are interested in a proposal for your student or mature traveling group please call Toll Free: 1-866-693-4723 or email and we will be glad to assist you with every detail.

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Entertainment Marketing International
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