Science Tours

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Big Island, Volcanoes National Park

Scientists state that there are 13 different biomes/climatic zones on the planet earth. 11 out of 13 are found in Hawaii which should be just one justification that Hawaii is a great place to study science. We will work with your group to incorporate their curriculum with hands on "Fun Learning" Experiences.

"Fun Learning" Volcanology at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
While touring Volcanoes National Park with a naturalist guide students will visit baron fields of cinder looking for Pele's Tears, Pele's Hair and Pumice. Visit Steam Vents where moist air will warm their faces, tour the Jagger Museum where seismographs record earthquakes right under their feet. Walk to the edge of a Volcanic Crater looking down and across this massive opening in the earth and study plate tectonics incorporating the two types of lava that make up the Hawaiian Islands.

Coral Reef System

Coral Reef System, Marine Biology Workshop

"Fun Learning" Marine Biology
Students will have a Marine Biology Workshop where they will learn about Hawaii's delicate Coral Reef System and Tropical Fish Species found in Hawaiian Waters. They will then take a boat trip to one of Hawaii's most pristine reefs to snorkel and observe corals and tropical fish in their natural habitats.

Astronomy Workshop

Hands-on Astronomy Workshop

"Fun Learning" Astronomy
Hawaii is further from any other body of land in the world which makes it ideal for studying the Stars in the Night Sky. Besides, Who doesn't like PIZZA? For this workshop students are treated to pizza while experiencing a hands-on Astronomy Workshop. Everyone is given descriptions of stars, planets, and constellations while viewing them through an 18 inch-telescope with descriptions and explanations from one of Hawaii's most enthusiastic and knowledgeable Astronomers.

Astronomy Workshop

"Fun Learning" Botany & Birds

"Fun Learning" Botany & Birds
Hawaii is home to numerous tree, plant and birds species. A Rainforest Waterfall Hiking Adventure is not only fascinating but incorporates a "fun Learning" experience of all three. Traveling to the windward side of the island your naturalist guide will discuss different species and then get you geared up to hike in the forest observing and photographing species in their natural environment.

Kona Cloud Forest
Depart for Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary for a 3 hour hiking tour. Here you will discover what a Tropical Cloud Forest really is; how it benefits the ecosystem and the story of its development on the slopes of Hualalai. Your experience will include the amazing ferns, palms, flowers, and hundreds of exotic and native species of birds. Lunch Included