Hawaii Student Tours

Hawaii Student Tours

Performance Tours

EMIHawaii offers a wide variety of student performance opportunities in Hawaii. We will work with you to find the perfect fit for your groups' needs.
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Science Tours

Scientists state that there are 13 different biomes/climatic zones on the planet earth. 11 out of 13 are found in Hawaii which should be just one justification that Hawaii is a great place to study science. We will work with your group to incorporate their curriculum with hands on "Fun Learning" Experiences.
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Historical Tours

From the Great Polynesian Migration of 600AD to the 50th Anniversary of Statehood in 2009 the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most enlightening places on earth to study History and Culture. The next time an educator says Hawaii is just, "Fun in the Sun", please direct them to the following educational activities Hawaii has to offer their students.
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Global Voluntourism

Hawaii's Global Voluntourism not only gives you a chance to work on your tan in paradise but provides an opportunity to Malama & Kokua with ALOHA both by making a difference in people's lives and giving back to the community you are visiting.
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