Hawaii Global Voluntourism

Global Voluntourism

To MALAMA in Hawaiian means to "take care of, to serve, to honor, to protect and to care for our each other". KOKUA in Hawaiian is to do something good. ALOHA in Hawaiian translates to acknowledging and loving others giving them the Breath of Life.

Hawaii's Global Voluntourism not only gives you a chance to work on your tan in paradise but provides an opportunity to Malama & Kokua with ALOHA both by making a difference in people's lives and giving back to the community you are visiting.

Malama Aina: To Take Care Of The Land
Your Aloha Kokua Mission today will be to work with Adopt A Beach Hawaii.

Global Voluntourism

The crystal blue waters of the Pacific are a very fragile ecosystem that must be taken care of. You will learn about The Great Pacific "Garbage Patch", and how winds and currents cause marine debris to enter Hawaiian waters pollute it's waters and beaches. The goal of today's project is to clean up marine debris in order to keep our beaches and oceans healthy. You will learn to catalog, take photos and record data about what you found. You will have this knowledge for life and will be able to teach others to care for our environment for future generations.

Lokahi: Collaboration and Cooperation Generate Harmony and Unity By People Working Together
Your Aloha Kokua Mission today will be to learn about life in an ahupua‘a (Ancient Hawaiian Community) by visiting Waimea Valley on Oahu's North Shore. With your Kumu (Hawaiian teacher) you will learn an Oli (Hawaiian Chant) for example Eia no mākou nā pua o We are the young generation of "Your Group's Name" to announce your arrival into the valley.

Global Voluntourism

You will then discover Kau Hale (a traditional Hawaiian living site), learning about how ancient Hawaiian's worked together managing natural recourses and behaviors that communicate care, consideration, and respect of self and others. You will be separated into groups to create a portion of a traditional hafted Hawaiian adze, or ko'i.

You will collect materials, and experiment with different methods of preparing the ‘aha (cordage made from braided coconut husk), ‘au ko‘i (handle), and the ko‘i (adze head), and together completely assemble the ko‘i. After completing this task, each group will present what they accomplished to the rest of the group.

By participating in this activity you will begin to realize that it is necessary in life to appreciate and to take care of our Resources – not only because they help us live, but because our hard work and dedication to them describes who we are as individuals and that by working together we can accomplish great things.

Global Voluntourism

Alaka'i: Lead By Example and Inspire Others to Follow
Your Aloha Kokua Mission today will be to Hang Ten with Surfrider Spirit Sessions. Today's mission is to be an example for atrisk youth by learning how to surf. You will assist in this oceanbased mentoring program by getting others to follow your example through the cultural activity of surfing and ocean awareness.

As a caring volunteer your leadership and the way you conduct yourself will help these youth to use surfing as a metaphor for life’s key lessons, so they can experience success in school, home, at a job and in the community. Who knows, you might even make a lifelong friend through learning how to surf together.