Hawaii Adult Performance Opportunities

Ala Moana Performance

Choir at Ala Moana Shopping Center Stage

Hawaii Performance Opportunities

Ala Moana Center
It's not only the largest outdoor shopping center in the world but is also the showcase of performance venues in Hawaii. A Performance at Center Stage is always guaranteed to draw a large crowd of entertainment enthusiasts. (Performing groups must submit tape or CD and photos for performance approval)

Hawaiian Cultural Exchange Concerts
Here, your group will meet the members of a performance group from Hawaii. Both groups will perform for each other and have a social event after to share experiences and learn about each other.

Kawaiaha'o Church Performance

Choir Performance at Kawaiaha'o Church

Hula and Song with the Happy Hawaiian
Your group will learn a few Hawaiian Songs prior to your visit to Hawaii. You will then head down to the beach with the Happy Hawaiian to learn the history and culture of the hula motions that tell the story of the songs.

Kawaiaha'o Church
Sometimes referred to as the Westminster Abby of Hawaii and during the days of the monarchy, it was called "The Church of the Ali'i." Today, it is often referred to as "The State Church of Hawai'i". A performance in this church is an experience one will never forget. (Performing groups must submit tape or CD and photos for performance approval)

Performance with the Royal Hawaiian Band

Performance with the Royal Hawaiian Band

Spring Concert in the Park
This performance is a way to experience Hawaii's rich musical history by attending a joint performance with the Royal Hawaiian Band. The band was founded by King Kamehameha III and is one of the last links to the Hawaiian Monarchy.