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Great Polynesian Migration, study the History and Culture

History Tours
From the Great Polynesian Migration of 600AD to the 50th Anniversary of Statehood in 2009 the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most enlightening places on earth to study History and Culture. The next time an educator says Hawaii is just, "Fun in the Sun", please direct them to the following educational activities Hawaii has to offer their students.

Pali Lookout
It started with a young warrior named Kamehameha who united the islands under one monarchy. Your students can visit the Pali Lookout with its unsurpassed panoramic views and wind blowing so strong, you can almost fly. It's also an Ancient Hawaiian Battlefield where warriors were forced to surrender or be pushed to their death.

Iolani Palace
With all the modern conveniences of its time including running water, telephone communication and electricity, Iolani Palace is the only Royal Palace in the United States of America. With a visit, your students can view the beautiful Palace's Hawaiian Artifacts, Jewels and learn about the prestige and significance of the Hawaiian Monarchy.

Polynesian Tour

Stories of Polynesian History

Authentic Hawaiian Luau
Captain James Cook started Hawaii's Modern History by arriving in 1778. Before his arrival there was no written documentation. Stories of Polynesian History were told in a form of chants and the Dance of Hula. A visit to an Authentic Hawaiian Luau is not only fun but offers a peek into the earliest form of storytelling.

The Mission Homes
When the first missionaries arrived in the early 1800's they translated the Hawaiian language which is now 12 letters to educate and teach Christianity. The original mission homes have been preserved and the first printing press is still in working order with the ability to showcase a Hawaiian Spelling Bee.

Ethnic Cuisine
As agriculture grew, so did the immigrants with the arrival of Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Filipino, Puerto Rican and Samoan migrant workers to make Hawaii the worlds' melting pot. This should be the greatest history lesson of all time. How people of such diverse cultures can live together while respecting each other's beliefs in such a small place. Furthermore, we say think outside the box and away from the bun and try some of Hawaii's diverse ethnic cuisine.

Pearl Harbor Tour

USS Arizona Memorial

The Attack on Pearl Harbor
One of Hawaii's most noteworthy historical events is the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. "The day of Infamy" as then president Franklin D. Roosevelt's called it, thrust the United States of America into WWII and the worlds' bloodiest conflict ever. Also moored in Pearl Harbor next to the USS Arizona Memorial is the USS Battleship Missouri where General MacArthur signed the treaty to end WWII. Students have the opportunity to experience the bookends of WWII which lasted just under 6 years where over 60 Million people died all in just one day of their trip to Hawaii.