Local Hawaiian Words

DA KINE - Word for Anything: An object

Stay Going or HELE ON - To leave or Depart your location

HOWZIT - Hi, Hello, How Ya'll doing

SPAM (the can meat not the computer thing) - Hawaii's #1 meat and is to be protect with your life

LUA (not to be confused with the following) - Toilet

LUAU - Party, usually with an imu (underground oven) pig and Poi (the purple stuff)

PUPU's - Appetizers

PIPI's - Meat/Beef

CHOKE - Plenty or alot

GRIND - To Eat

HAPAI - Pregnant

ONO - Great Tasting

OKOLE - Your Butt or Backside

TUTU - Grandmother

WAHINE - Woman

BRAH - Buddy or Friend

PAU - Your Finished