Island Facts and FUN Information

Hawaii is known as the "Aloha State"

Aloha means Hello, Goodbye and I love You. The following is a translation.

A - To acknowledge
L - Love
O - Others
HA - Pronounced HAAAAA means to give the breath of life

Hawaii's State Motto: "UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO" Translated means: "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. So yes, you can buy a soda with an American Dollar! You would be surprised how many people come off the plane asking for the money exchange....

Hawaii's Iolani Palace is the only Royal Palace on U.S. soil

Hawaii's area code is 808. So relatives and friends on the mainland do not need a country code to give you a call.

From East to West Hawaii is the widest state in the U.S. at over 1,600 miles. So don't mess with Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!

Hawaii Has the Highest Mountain on Earth. That's if you measure from the ocean floor but could you go to the top of Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet above sea level and say you conquered the highest Point in the world?????

South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii is the southern most point in the U.S.

The Hawaiian Alphabet has 12 letters: A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, N, P, W Now you try pronouncing Hawaii's State Fish: HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKU APUA'A
Translated, It means the fish with the pig's snout

Kilauea Iki on the Big Island of Hawaii is the worlds largest and most active volcano.

Hawaii is the most isolated place on the planet, 2,390 miles from the U.S. Coastline. It takes 5 hours by plane, 5 days by cruise ship or 5 weeks by outrigger canoe to get here. You Choose!

Hawaii is the worlds' largest producer of Macadamia Nuts. They're ono (taste great) but please don't try opening one with out a 357 magnum, sledge hammer or baseball bat.

Hawaii is made up of 8 to over 130 islands all depends on who you ask. The eight major islands are: Hawaii (Big Island), Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai & Niihau.

All subterranean minerals belong to the State of Hawaii. So, please don't take the lava rocks! The rumors are true and we don't want bad things to happen to you when you go back home!

Hawaii is a melting pot of culture. Everyone is a minority!

Hawaii has over 100 world class beaches including WAIKIKI. If it's winter where you live and your skin has not seen daylight in months, please don't forget to pack 50+ sun block.

The North Shore of Oahu is famous for surfing and has been called the seven mile miracle. In the winter waves reach gigantic heights for extreme professionals, so the motto is if you can't make it please don't try to fake it.

Kauai is called the "Garden Isle" Mt. Waialeale gets over 300 inches of rain per year. We suggest you don't forget your umbrella.

Hawaii produces over 1/3 of the worlds pineapples. Please, Please, Please don't forget to take a few back home with you. The airlines will even check them in for free.

Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee. Please drink responsibly.

Hawaii has its own time zone (Hawaiian Standard Time) probably many hours from yours. Be sure to reset your watch upon arrival so you can see it really is 3AM when you wake up your 1st night.