Must do's in Hawaii

Receive a Traditional Lei Greeting

E Komo Mai He Makana Nau Me Ke Aloha
Translated: Welcome we have a gift of Love!

A beautiful tradition started thousands of years ago by the first Hawaiians. The giving of flowers, seeds, nuts or shells strung together as a gift. It has become the symbol of welcoming visitors to the islands. It's good to get leid in Hawaii, It's a gift of love.

Take a USS Arizona Memorial & Battleship Missouri Tour

Hawaii burst into the pages of America's history nearly two decades before statehood when on Dec. 7, 1941, it became the target of a Japanese attack on the U.S. Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor. The attack claimed the lives of 2.388 military and civilian personnel and resulted in the damage or loss of 21 vessels and 170 planes. "The Day of Infamy" triggered U.S. involvement in World War II.

You can also see where it ended in the same day by touring the surrender deck where General Macarthur signed the treaty to end WWII in Tokyo Bay on the USS Battleship Missouri. This experience will make you proud to be an American and thankful for the freedom we enjoy today.

"Witness to History" teleconference program information can be found by contacting Julie Cox at

Visit an ABC Store

With over 60 locations in Waikiki you will definitely be able to find one. If you forgot something at home like a toothbrush or sun block they have it. If you need munchies for your hotel room, they have it. Need reasonably priced gifts for family back home, they have it. Don't for get to save your receipts because they have it, a gift for you.

Experience an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

A Luau is a backyard-style, family oriented type of party where family and friends gather together under the stars to relax and enjoy food, drink, and entertainment. It is truly a visual extravaganza for the eyes and the upu (belly).

Watch a sunset on the world's most famous beach WAIKIKI

Take a Barefoot Catamaran Sailing Adventure

Beach board a state of the art, twin hulled, 40 foot catamaran right on Oahu's Waikiki Beach. The friendly crew takes guests on a tour of the picturesque shores of Waikiki with spectacular mountain views. This is great entertainment for everyone. A person once said "Wow that was better than an "E - Ticket" ride at Disney World"!

Enjoy Hawaii's Melting Pot of World Class Cuisine

Hawaii is a melting pot of culture and so is the food. The following are just a few types of ethnic restaurants found in the local phone book: Hawaiian, Pacific Rim, Chinese, Japanese, Philippine, Italian, Thai, American, Brazilian, Southern BBQ, Euro Asian, Continental, French, Greek, Health Food, Indian, Indonesian, Korean, Mexican, Polynesian and Vietnamese. Don't forget to try the fresh island Fish!

Take a Diamond Head Hiking Adventure

Diamond Head is located at the end of Waikiki and is the most famous volcanic crater in the world. It was originally named Laeahi by the ancient Hawaiians meaning "brow of the tuna" and looking at the silhouette of the crater from Waikiki, you can see the resemblance of the fish.

The experience of climbing to the 763ft. summit is exhilarating and for some exhausting but you will experience a spectacular panoramic view of the Island.


Hawaii is the #1 consumer of the famous meat in a can and everyone should try it at least once.

Most important thing to do in Hawaii is to Hang Loose having fun in the Hawaiian Sun!